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The GAZTEC Group is a multi-national enterprise that has its main office in Dubai and branches across the world. Established in 1997 and rapidly developed through the years, the Group operates in 

  • General Trading

  • Construction

  • Aviation

  • Security

  • Timber

  • Minerals

  • Travel and Tourism

  • Oil & Gas

  • Real Estate

  • IT Solutions

Our Background

GAZTEC Group was established in the late 90s with the purpose of contributing to the growth and development of developing countries, especially African nations, by transferring modern applications and knowledge to the areas in question. We started with the establishment of a boat factory in Angola, which was the first of its kind in West and Central Africa. With the slogan “Manufacturing Environment — Friendly Boats,” the company aimed to provide training and to develop personnel proficient in production skills and able to contribute actively to the national industry. In this manner, we were able to manufacture, in a country where most of the citizens depend on fishing, high-tech, modern boats at a cost much less than that of imports.

We were also able to bring the most recent applications and high-quality techniques to the field of agriculture in Congo and Gabon as many vegetable farms were established with modern and innovative irrigation systems for which the company was able to reduce import rates in the region and to cover a sizable percentage of the daily consumption.

Soon, we intend, to aid countries, including the Congo and Côte d’Ivoire, in their adoption of the Fishery Rationing Policy, that aims to keep nations within the legal bounds of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). Through this initiative we seek to help countries abide by the principles and criteria necessary for sustainable fishing, that does not harm the global environment, or deplete bio-marine resources. By protecting the marine life and using internationally approved fishing methods we hope to contribute, to the prevention of illegitimate fishing activities, which have been a major concern according to recent reports — sadly indicating that only a few African countries are able to enforce the necessary provisions, due to the fact that this duty may require advanced mechanisms and highly-developed resources.

Our ambitions also extend to forest exploration, since wood has been, and continues to be, one of the most important, cost-efficient sources of energy. However, for a prolonged period of time, forests in Africa have been mutualized by conflict, exploitation, and population growth—leading to the deterioration, and degradation of valuable natural habitats. Thus, it is very important to us that our ambitions be executed in a manner that coincides with our environment-friendly vision since the environment is the essence of existence for all creatures. Furthermore, we collect and utilize wood in a reasonable manner that does not violate internationally recognized rules and ethics. We continue to incorporate the recommendations of ecological studies published by experts in the environmental field, into our work ethic; and we remain aware of the importance of repairing the damage done to African forests, especially if we hope to curtail the imminent threat of global climate change, and global warming caused by the widening of the hole in the ozone layer.

However, our efforts in Africa are not fueled solely by material gain, rather our priority is to realize our responsibility of helping our fellow neighbors develop, grow, and prosper. Indeed, we hope our presence in Africa may enable its nations to play a more active role in the international market, which will lead to economic growth that indefinitely improves the living conditions of African communities. This cannot be done without raising the awareness of indigenous populations to the value of their resources and natural wealth, and the most efficient way to use them.

The achievements realized by GAZTEC Group are due, in large part, to our presence in this rich continent. Indeed, thanks to Africa’s valuable contributions, we have been able to become one of the leading commercial groups, that partake in several activities related to infrastructure, real-estate, communication networking, drilling, mining, design, and construction, among other industries. Our expanding interests and efforts in this wide range of fields have enabled us to become an important global link between several industries, across numerous countries. We have proudly achieved this status, and gained significant profit, without compromising our moral principles, or forsaking our duty to, and respect for the general public’s interest.